DANI ABOUT USAt Sweet Caribbean Photo we simply love our  job!! We preserve by every picture genuine, precious and fleeting moments from creative fine art photojournalistic perspectives. Veteran photographer Dani Rangel offers a new concept that is both original and distinctively unique for your wedding day; our Bohemian photojournalist style creates images that are beyond the power of speech by mixing vibrant colors and lighting only available here in the caribbean.

Back in the days…. 2000 in college years Dani had the opportunity to travel to cultural exchanges in the Nether lands, Germany and France; this process contributed to their training as professional photographer. At the end of college she moved to México City and for the next few years worked for many international media companies in the areas of fashion photography, social media and journalism. Continuously traveling as most photographers do to enrich their vision and perspective, Dani started missing her homeland Cancun & Riviera Maya, so in 2008 moved back to the area and started sweet caribbean with ex business partner Jose Rosales (owns a new independent company) creating a modern and innovating company that keep the same vision ever since; To genuinely care about every couple and every wedding, we are committed to tell a story that moves you, encourages you to laugh, cry and love, by rendering everlasting emotions in every image, with detail and passionate love for what we do best: To share our talent in the making of your love story.

Dani Rangel is a renowned celebrity, wedding & lifestyle photographer based in the area of Cancun and Riviera Maya, she has been shooting professionally for the thirteen years and traveled the world on assignments for international publications and magazine covers.

Dani´s works has been featured in publications worldwide including: Readers Digest, Maxim, Max, Play Boy, Open, Warp, Sonika, Gamers, Gente and Taste magazine.

Her resume boast house hold names like, Rafael Marquez, Julieta Venegas, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Miguel Bose, etc-
Dani has also been recruited for massive events such as MTV video music awards latinamerica, Fashion Week Mexico, and Mexico´s national party electoral campaign.

The intention behind each shot is steadfast, create a unique story; Not a repetition, I believe a wedding its a unique event and deserves to be captured beautifully, from star to finish nothing is excluded. Every smile every detail I ´ll be there to capture it for you, it´s my way of saying thank you for asking me to be part of your day. I consider myself as a photographer that push boundaries and do everything to see couples blown away by their wedding story.

A story that remains with them for the rest of their lives